BABY TAXI - Детское такси

Babytaxi is the only specialized transportation company for children.

Due to employment, parents do not have time to take or bring the child to school, kindergarten or training.

That’s why, the company, babytaxi, offers you to take or bring child for you!

Our purpose:

The Babytaxi company's main goal is to ensure a quiet life for the parents of our city ,providing and guaranteeing the safe ,comfortable and timely transportation of children with an individual approach to every child.

Why you should choose us?

Here are a few reasons why we can be entrusted to bring your child to/from the school or kindergarten:
First of all, we guarantee the safety of your child.
Drivers carefully take your child from door to door, spend up to school, a kindergarten or be met from school.
Also taking into account the rhythm of our city and the situation on the roads, you will save at least 2 hours a day which you spend on the way.
For the convenience of parents and children’s safety, the path of the car can be traced online, and parents receive push notification on their mobile phone that the child has got into the car, drove to the house without distracting from his affairs.
All drivers undergo a thorough selection, testing, admission to work with children, receive safety briefings.
And finally the cost of our services is available to a wide range of people.
Call us, and we are ready to help you! To save time, you can pay for services via mobile applications, homebank, starbanking, kaspi.


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